Up to Edinburgh

17/03/2013 17:03

Project Trust held a parents meeting today up in the sparkling city of Edinburgh. It turns out that it was in a lecture theatre in Napier University. It would have been very impressive had it not been for the fact that it felt like sitting inside a giant eyeball (it was a strangely shaped room). Anyway, it was pretty informative, and presumably reassuring to my parents, which I think was the intention of the whole thing.


Unfortunately, due to the wonderful acoustics of the lecture hall, my coughs, snuffles and sneezes were constantly reverberating loudly around the room for all to hear. It would have been a great opportunity to meet some other volunteers if it had not been for my cold making people avoid me like the plague. To be honest, it felt as if I had it. And it wasn't exactly making me particularly sociable. Plus my temperature was going up and down like a yo-yo on a ski lift. I've discovered that there is a certain amount of times that it is socially acceptable to remove, then replace ones outer garments within a two hour period. But armed with my medicine, tissues, soothers and hand sanitiser (I hate the stuff, it brings flashbacks of the bird flu 'threat') I made it through the day!


Very good news though, it turns out that us volunteers recieve information about our exact placements next month (April) instead of in May as I had previously thought. Happy days! Which also means that I'll be starting to get my jags soon. Unfortunately ...


But anyway, expect to see details of my placement when I recieve them (ie: pretty soon).