My Project

I will be in a small, mountain village called Paramakatoi. It's in Region 8, one of the most remote regions in Guyana, and the only way to get to the village is by a small aircraft.

The school I will be teaching in is Paramakatoi Secondary School. At the moment, I don't know what subjects I will be teaching, but I will know when I arrive. It is most likely to be English language. There are approximately 500 pupils in the school, though recent reports suggest serious overcrowding. Many pupils stay in school dormitories as they cannot walk to and from school each day. Some go home on weekends, but most stay for the entire term. We are greatly encouraged to organise extra-curricular activities, and sometimes even teach English or Computer skills to the other teachers!

Paramakatoi is the origonal location of the Patamona tribe. Patamona is still the first language of village residents.

If you have any questions about my teaching, village life, or life in Guyana in general, please either write to me, comment in the Guestbook or e-mail me.