It's raining, it's pouring ...

23/08/2013 12:10

... and no-one is snoring, because the tropical rainstorm woke us all up.

Yes, this fine morning, we experienced our first tropical rainstorm. Imagine the heaviest rain you might get in the UK. That rare patch o precipitation that we lovingly dub a 'monsoon' and find extremely exciting. That's what woke me up. Then it got worse. About 15 minutes of rain managed to destroy the canapy outside (our makeshift diningroom and meeting hall) and drench the clothes and towels hanging to dry. Rosie and I dashed outside in our pyjamas to get these things inside incase they washed away, and took in peopels bags and belongings. The boys moved the large bags of hammocks, in case the rainwater flooded into the house. Thankfully it didn't, otherwise the luggage of 14 volunteers, as well as a large portion of their supplies, would have been ruined.

Unfortunately, a notebook that I had salvaged from the lake that is our yard, turned out to be Rosies. I don't think she's very happy with it's current soggy state.

On a side note, we visited the Ministry of Education yesterday. It was very reassuring for our own teaching skills, and the noodles at lunch were delicious. After that, we all trailed across to the British High Comissioners private residence. He had invited us for a few nibbles and a swim in his pool. We all expected it to be quite a dull affair. We were wrong. He is a very hospitable gentleman, and offering us beer, participating in diving competitions, lounging around chatting with us, and he requested that his butler served us all double shots of 15 year old rum. The memory of being dwarf tossed into the private pool of a man with such a title as the British High Commisoner, in the Caribbean is one that will stay with me forever.


Expect an update before I set off to Paramakatoi!