21/08/2013 16:02

I have reached Georgetown, capital city of Guyana. Its a pretty amazing place. The sun is hot, the flat is small, the shower is a tap, the streets are filled with water and reeds and mud, animals wander freely ... horses and cows and dogs. The houses are smart and scruffy at the same time, and balance on tiny stilts. We spend our time 'liming and gaffing' (lounging around and chatting), eating fresh fruit, fighting over the one hammock in the flat, listening to wierd music, and waiting to use the 'shower', a pipe in a wall. We also visited the sea wall, went shopping for some bits and bobs in Giftland, had a rediculously large chinese meal and had a chat in Kala's beautifully air conditioned office about health, safety, proceedures, and other important things.


Rosie and I leave to Paramakatoi on the 28th, so one week today. We still need to buy our food for the next three months! We check into Ogle airport at 7am. Thankfully, due to the heat, we've all been getting up much earlier than usual, and go to bed earlier than you woudl think a bunch of 24 excitable teenagers with machetes would.


Anyway, I'm being most impolite by sitting here typing away and ignoring everyone, so adios for now!