PK Shenanigans (A Quick Update)

06/02/2014 15:49

Well, where to begin on this latest update of Paramakatoi shenanigans?
Our Desk Officer from PT, Chris, has been to visit us and ended up staying for five days. He was unable to get to Chenapau, so Ben and Harry had come to PK to see him. So our house was pretty busy, especially when the Kato boys turned up on Friday night too! The visit was fun, and Chris treated us pretty well: haribo, mini eggs, coca cola, meat and that rarest of commodities: vegetables! I actually ate an entire cucumber, which felt very luxurious.
I’ve been enjoying PK very much recently, and am even getting into teaching quite a lot! If it wasn’t for the fact that I actually like Scotland, I would definitely move to PK and live here. Part of me is still humouring the idea.
Somehow, I seem to have landed myself in the ideas for three secondary projects: teachers computer classes and teachers English classes start next week, and I’m currently making a blueprint for a rounders club with the girls in the dormitories. I’m hoping it will come into being pretty soon.
Anyway, life rocks: I’m always busy, I’ve found a new shelf of novels in the school library, we have loads of lemons right now, my letter writing is improving, someone sent be a parcel filled with my favourite sweets (you’re a genius Katy!), my students are beginning to work harder, one of my kids is finding me a good bit of wood to make a slingshot from, it’s cold at nights and I’ve stopped hating cold showers at last. Yes, life is good!
Love you all,